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Worshipful Company of Fletchers Spring Competition

On the 16th May 2019 we were pleased to be able to welcome to Noak Hill Archers the Worshipful Company of Fletchers for their Spring competition and fun day out.

With a high number of visitors ably organised by Lesley Agutter, the course had been set out by Dennis Oates and as usual was a mixture of challenging and fun targets across the field course and target field and incorporated a number of scene shots and predator and prey shots which proved challenging to all the archers.

Dennis had given a lot of thought to the course and scoring system for the day to ensure all archers both experienced and beginners had a fair chance to win the medals and plaudits and there were some extremely challenging shots on the field course which would have challenged the most experienced archers.

So the day started with introductions and a welcome to all the guests and they were all either setting up their own bows (the more experienced archers) or being kitted out with the club bows and arrows and then split into groups and paired up with a couple of the Noak Hill Archers to assist in the practice session and to help them start to hit the targets and then hit the higher scores ready for when the points were counted.

It is fair to say the standard even from the novice archers was very good and it was not long before all archers were hitting the mark and getting ready to score for the looming competition round, but before that a break for a coffee / tea and a bite to eat.

We were blessed with glorious weather which was an improvement on the last time we hosted our friends when the weather did not play nicely but as Dennis had booked the weather in plenty of time it was duly delivered and helped make the day even more enjoyable.

After lunch the competition was restarted and the serious archery seemed to kick in as the expressions changed to show all the archers wanted the coveted award and title of the champion archer for the day.

We were also please to welcome the international arm of the Fletchers (Celia and Roy) who flew in that morning from Gibraltar and were booked on a flight back home again that night.

It was clear from the discussions that were being had across the groups when they passed the competition was fierce but fun and there was many examples of the practice session paying off and even the novice archers were hitting the mark from the fiendishly challenging course set by Dennis.

Within my own group the motto of the day was "good line" and that was a genuine compliment as the aim from the archers was excellent but the challenge of judging the distance was the toughest aspect of the day.

Well done to all the archers and well done to the winners on the day:

Trisha and Roy

We hope you all had safe journeys home and especially to our international archers (well Gibraltar).

We look forward to seeing you all again in September.

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