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Noak Hill Clout the opposition at the county clout.

Noak Hill at the ECAA County Metric Clout 2018

19th August at Woodford Archers

A few Noak Hill archers took themselves off to the county metric clout championships this year and for a change, on arrival found the weather to be fine sunny with little wind, a big plus for those of us shooting the longbow.

All in all a very good day for Noak Hill with all the archers having a good day.

Results as follows:

Steve Spragg 3rd place men’s recurve

Sharon Lawrence won the ladies recurve

And in the men’s longbow it was a 1, 2 ,3 with Max Room 1st, Mark Lawrence 2nd and Mick Wollaston 3rd.

Max got the trophy as highest scoring longbow and Sharon got the trophy for highest ladies’ recurve

So a great day for Noak Hill everyone coming away with medals.

Well done all

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