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Noak Hill Archers - Scorching hot in July

Well, where to start, as we see the hottest weather since 1976 Noak Hill Archers have been setting the competitions alight as we come to the end of the month.

Longbow, Field and Target archers representing the club have been winning and finishing very well throughout the month.

At the 2 day Essex tournament held on Saturday 21st July 2018 and Sunday 22nd July 2018 the adults and juniors all competed well over the weekend with the medallists over the two days as follows::

Saturday 21st July:


Allan Horne 5th with a score of 1038 and PB which was also eligible for a FITA STAR.

Glenn Rodgers 9th with a score of 917

Ian Saunders 11th with a score of 703.


Sharon Lawrence 1st place with a score of 479

Mark Lawrence 3rd place with a score of 421

Junior Metric IV

Samuel Gulvin 1st with a score of 1218 a JMB score.

On Sunday 22nd July we again had a very successful day with the scores detailed below:


Brian Lock finished 10th with a score of 972

Glenn Rodgers finished 12th with a score of 911

Ian Saunders finished 14th with a score of 837 an improvement of 134 on the previous days score.


Mark Lawrence finished 2nd with a score of 461 an improvement of 40 points on Saturday.

Sharon Lawrence finished first again with a score of 559 an improvement of 80 points on the previous day.

We have seen the juniors yet again win the Essex Team award at the W1440 tournament held at Rayleigh with a combined score of 3143 and this was made up of the individual scores as follows:

Rhiannon Easton shot the ladies WA1440 and scored 888

Samuel Gulvin shot the Metric IV and scored 1185 another JMB score

Andrew Lock shot the Metric 2 round and scored 1070.

All three archers won the individual gold medal for their category.

Sunday 29th July saw the older guard go to the Abbey Bowmens new ground at Broxhill sports centre at the top of straight road for the Havering over 45's competition.

While the weather was warm the winds were challenging for all the competitors and this made for a very interesting day.

Archers were trying to focus on shooting and stopping their chairs/tents and other sundry items from blowing across the field, both John Raffin and Max were were watching their hats blow across the target field and hoping no one tried to shoot them....

Noak hill archers were again successful in all categories to varying degree's with Gold Medal's for Allan Horne, Sharon Lawrence, John Raffin, Mark Lawrence and silver medal for Glenn Rodgers with Max Room winning a bronze medal and Noak Hill also retained the team recurve award gold for the event.

LYNNE BURTON ROSE BOWL winner = Rhiannon Easton

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