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Noak Hill Juniors London Youth Games 2018

July 7th saw 2 of the Noak Hill Juniors go off to Crystal Palace arena to represent the borough of Havering at the London youth games.

Both Samuel and Andrew were excited to have the opportunity to represent the borough and hopefully contribute to a second year of successful performance following on from their efforts in 2017 when havering won the team silver.

Competition was tough but the young archers had practised hard to ensure they would give a good account of themselves while representing the borough and the club.

After a long day competing in 30 plus degree heat the competition was hotting up and all the Havering archers we doing very well and holding their own and as the team results were updated Havering was a strong second behind Wandsworth all throughout the day.

At the end of the competition Andrew had won an individual and team Silver medal as did Samuel, Samuel also broke the games record but was beaten into second by a young archer from Wandsworth who had a better score and set a new games record he scored 884 with Samuel a very close 874. Andrew was also beaten by an archer from Wandsworth who scored 870 for the Windsor round with Andrew a close second with a score of 862.

Well done to all the Havering Archers their scores are as follows:

Samuel Gulvin 874 - Junior Windsor

Andrew Lock 862 - Windsor

Amelia Chumba 677 - Junior Windsor (Amelia shot Barebow all archers were using sights)

Spencer Wager-Rust 659 - Short Windsor

Joseph Butcher 516 - Short Windsor

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