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Noak Hill Field Archers Slay the Magic Dragon

Sunday 24th June saw a contingent of Noak Hills best field archers venture south of the Thames to the Magic Dragon field event.

Noak Hill Archers were represented by the following brave souls taking on the quest to slay the dragon:

Dennis, Ken, Roy, Craig, Kathy, Peta, Danny and finally our junior field archer Brandon.

While photos are not in great supply at this stage, I have been advised that there were many inventive shots on a well designed course which made the challenge something to be relished by the archers from all clubs that attended.

After a tough days competing I am pleased to report the brave questers were amply rewarded for their efforts with the following awards:

Dennis - Gold

Ken - Bronze

Roy - Silver

Kathy - Gold

Danny - Silver

Brandon - Silver (shooting from the red pegs which are above his age group)

Peta and Craig just finished outside the medals but both represented the club and themselves well with good scores.

Well done to all the archers and if you have any photos please send to me and I will add them to the website.

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