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May Updates preparing for the Summer

As we continue through spring and in to the summer months we have been busy as a club preparing for the Albion league and the early spring/summer outdoor competitions.

Practice sessions for the Albion team were run throughout April and May although this was hampered by some bad weather on occasions, the team had grown in numbers and strength both of which would be required for our forth coming season after promotion to the "B" division.

Our first match was scheduled for the 13th May 2018 away to Colchester and District Archery club.

After a nice dilemma for the captain he had to chose 8 archers from the 12 available and after the practice sessions he went with the highest scorers as a starting point (Sadly Graham was not available due to ill health hampering his preparations) so the starting 8 were as follows: Allan Horne, Brian Lock, Andrew Lock, Glen Rodgers, Laurence Easton, Ian Saunders, Keith Willet and Tony Gedalovitch

With strength in depth the archers not selected for the first match could either shoot alongside or await their chance to join the team at the next match, Jane Reed chose to shoot alongside and Mark and Sharon Lawrence sent their best wishes but wanted to use the time to practice for some upcoming key events they were due to attend.

Scores on the day were on average higher than last year but sadly we fell just sort of our first win in a hard fought match which resulted in a loss to Colchester and District by 49 points.

Special mentions to Glen and Ian for scoring personal bests and Andrew as the only junior posting the second highest score in the club (after a count back on golds from Glen). Match scores are below and there are further photos in the galley should you wish to have a look.



(3881) beat Noak Hill (3832) by 49 points

COLCHESTER A: C Buckley 815. C Vince 784. R Gardiner 773. D Collins 762. Ms C Morris 747. (T Cathmoir 702.)


A Horne 816. A Lock 755. G Rodgers 755* L Easton 754. B Lock 752.

(K Willett 715. I Saunders 700* T Gedalovitch 638.)

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