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May Competition Round up

May saw the start of the outdoor competitions gather pace and this was started with the Havering youth games competition at Abbey Bowmen's Ground in Hornchurch.

With a small youth section (but high quality) Noak Hill sent 5 representatives to the youth games, Kirsten and Lisette Reed, Samual Gulvin and Andrew Lock.

All archers were competing in their age respective national rounds and they all shot very well.

As a result of their efforts, individual medals were one by Samual, Lisette, Kirsten and Andrew and their impressive scores also resulted in them winning the team trophy for the first time in the clubs history, Samuel also won the best gold award.

Continuing on the success of the Havering youth games the juniors were also competing at the West Essex Junior invitational event and West Essex Bowmens ground on the 19th May 2018.

In this well attended event with representatives from clubs from across the county and surrounding areas the clubs juniors once again excelled and the team was missing Lisette Reed but were kept at the same number as the Havering youth games as Rhiannon Easton was able to join the list of club junior archers.

After another great day of high competition the Noak Hill junior archers all performed well and some very high scores were posted which again resulted in individual golds for Andrew, Rhiannon, Samuel and Kirsten and the team gold trophy and medal for the first time in the clubs history.

Well done to all the junior archers.

Sunday the 20th May was the adults turn to keep the club colours at the forefront of the competition as there was a strong representation from Noak Hill or recurve, longbow and compound archers at the event.

After a long day (and an even longer raffle) the club won a host of individual medals in all disciplines and in no particular order medals for: Sharon Lawrence, Allan Horne, Andrew Lock, Samuel Gulvin, John Raffin, Jane Reed and Caroline Gulvin and Mark Lawrence.

Along with the individual medals the Noak Hill Archers successfully defended and won both the "A" Team Cup (Allan Horne, Glen Rodgers, Andrew Lock and Brian Lock and won the "B" Team cup (Jane Reed and Ian Saunders) for the first time.

Graham was there supporting and doing his motivational talks to keep the team focused and in reality to eat the lovely cake presented by Jane as a treat to the archers.

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