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Whitefriars Bowman

Dennis Oates had a score of 604.

And i had a score of 610.

Fletchers Day

The gods did not smile on us as we set out the animal targets for the Fletchers day on the 5th October.

A deluge decended upon us for the whole periodof setting out the 23 targets and when we had completen

soaked and miserable soaked with rain dripping from hair( that didn't include me of cource )

the rain ceased and the sun shone just in time for the arrival of our guests.

The idea to start the compertition with dart targets instead of the usual target faces was to assist the less

experienced guests to attain a higher score and provide a level playing field against those with more


How wrong could could I be, yes the scores were higher for those with less experience. How wrong could

I be scores were higher for those with less experience, but our long term visitors were constantly scoring

twenties and David excelled by hitting trebble twenty time after time.

Everyone enjoyed the scene shots and i particular the zip wire target over the new pond but I am sceptical

amount of arrows covered with mud.

A massive thanks to all our members that helped to achieve another successful fun day for the 10th successive year for the Fletchers.






Steve, Max, Harry and Charlie went to the shoot on Sunday and came away with a gold for Steve and also the Team Gold was won by Steve, Max and Charlie.



They had a £1.00 sweep which turned out to be for the most 7s scored and Steve was the winner, coming away with a pocket full of pound coins (fourteen in all).  He can't make up his mind whether to spend it on a bottle of vodka or a bottle of gin.







Club Champs 6-8-2017

Noak Hill Archers club championships 2017 was well attended, with a good mix of styles, ages and abilities represented. The weather was warm and sunny with mostly light winds from the west (favourable for those longbow archers who shoot right handed). 


Sighters commenced on time at 12 pm, under the watchful, yet stern eye of the field captain, Graham Bridge (AKA Field Marshall Rommel – The Desperate Fox - to his friends on the shooting line). 


The shoot went well with a good atmosphere and plenty of Noak Hill banter to go around. 


John Raffin was the first to hit a six gold end and was duly applauded by all present – congratulations John. 


Harry Grove also managed to get 6 on the boss after a false alarm the end before – well done Harry. 


After much hard practice Robert was disappointed with his performance and at the end realised he had not fitted his limb properly (the importance of equipment checks before starting a shoot is not to be underestimated). 


Caroline Gulvin was pleased to score her very first six gold end – well done Caroline who is a new archer and was taking part in her first competition.


The shoot ended on time (just as the hot food arrived) thanks to Graham's precision timing of all the breaks. A veritable banquet of Fish, chips, chicken and sausages were served in the club house thanks to Ken's catering skills - this was the quietest everyone had been all day, apart from the sound of lip smacking and chomping. 


After some recounts and checking of score sheet accuracy by Allan and Graham the results were announced by Graham, with Jackie Loftus handing out the awards and medals in style – thanks Jackie, you can come back next year. 


A special thanks is due to  the club photographer, John Raffin - who was ably assisted by Steve Spragg – for making sure we have photographic evidence of who has which trophy… and to Brian Lock for strong arming the winners into signing the trophy book.


For those of you who like numbers and stuff the results of the day are as follows:




Whitefrairs Bowman


Noak Hill were again in action at the weekend this time at Grays. Thanks to Allan for the following report.


Noak Hill Archers visited Grays Archers for their 2017 Open Westerns on Sunday and scooped a bunch of medals in the summer sunshine. Awards included:

  • Steve Spragg - gold for gents Western longbow

  • Charlie - silver for gents longbow western and worst white. 

  • Jane Reed - gold for ladies long Western recurve

  • Allan Horne - gold for gents Western recurve

  • Ian Saunders - bronze for gents Western recurve. 


Well done to everyone.


Magic Dragon

Brandon got a Gold with a score of418  (B/B) junior round.


Petr got a Silver with a score of 510 (B/B)


Roy got a Gold with a score of 338 (Primitive)


Craig got a Gold with a score of 680 (B/H)


Kathy got a Gold with a score of 552 (B/B)


Dan just missed getting a Bronze.






Just picked up the backlog of progression score sheets so, pleased to announce the following:


20 yarders

Ian (R); Glenn (R); Ken (BB); Robert (R)


30 yarders

Allan (R); Ken (BB); Robert (R); Samuel (R); Paul G. (R)


40 yarders

Ian (R); Roy (LB); Robert (R); Laurence (R); Sharon (LB)


50 yarders

Mark L. (LB); Robert (R); Laurence (R)


60 yarders

Laurence (R)


Well done all.


Noak Hill Archers Recurve team first match report.



14/5/17 at West Essex Bowmen - Belhus country park.


Noak Hill Archers started their 2017 league competition today with their first match against West Essex Bowmen in division 3 of the Albion Recurve League.


Noak Hill were able to field 8 Archers which was a good start to the league season and the Archers representing the club were as follows:


Tony Gedalovitch

Graham Bridge

Allan Horne

Laurence Easton 

Sharon Lawrence 

Mark Lawrence 

Jane Reed

Brian Lock


After initial rain showers the morning brightened up before the sighters and the team spirit was high with the banter between the team mates starting early, the focus of the team was strong as we wanted to start off the season well.


All 8 Archers shot well for the team and posted very good scores with Mark Lawrence passing his personal best significantly to post his best ever score (658)


Jane Reed posted a good first score (660) in her first outing for Noak Hill 


With the other Archers all scoring well Graham Bridge (773), Brian Lock (772), Allan Horne (768), Laurence Easton (742), Sharon Lawrence (601), Tony G (597).


As a result of the best 5 scores being selected for the team total score Noak Hill Archers scored 3715 which was enough to win our first match by over 600 points.


Well done to all the archers who represented the Noak Hill Archery club and thank you to West Essex Bowmen for being such gracious hosts.


Brian Lock

Havering Youth Games - Report


Saturday 13th May hosted by Abbey Bowmen.


Noak Hill were represented by three archers at the Havering youth games today, Rhiannon Easton, Samuel Gulvin and Andrew Lock.


Rhiannon and Andrew competed in the short national round and Samuel at the Junior Short national and for the first time in a number of years Noak Hill Archers were able to compete in the Team event.


Samuel continued his good form into the competition from earlier in the week when he had broke the county record for the distance he was due to shoot, he finished a close 2nd to the winner who pipped Samuel by 2 points over the 6 dozen arrow round.


Rhiannon Easton won the 1st place medal for the female recurve and Andrew finished a very credible 2nd in the boys category.


While they finished calculating the score the organisers ran a one arrow knock out competition where the aim was to whittle down the large field of archers by a process of elimination when they tightened the score zone each round, all three Noak Hill Archers reached the final round where the trophy was won by Samuel with a near perfect shot.


A good day for all and a credit to the Noak Hill Archers club.

On Sunday the 9th of April we went to Whitefriares Bowman,where we managed to come away with 5 medals.

Craig Jones winning gold, with a score  of 694 - Bowhunter.

Kathy Jones winning gold with a score of 594 - Barebow.

Tony Wells winning Silver with a score of 610 - Barebow.

Richard Green winning gold with a score of   842 - FSR

Karren Howard winning gold with a score of  758  - FSR





Fletchers Photo's

On the 31st MayAfter signing the attendance book and refreshments the day started with
This year was a special event in NHA calendar as the Fletchers have visited our ground for the past ten years.
The Worshipful Company of Fletchers attended NHA for their bi-annual visit to participate and enjoy a day of archery.
aone hourpractice session where two of our members were allocated to each group of four participants and this was followed by a target competition at the butts.
Lunch was served by Cathy and Glen during which the merry band of NHA
helperswere able to mingle with the Fletchers and discuss the finer points of their shooting prowess. However seeing the current archery ability of the Fletchers we think that they could now tell our members a thing or two on how to shoot ( just joking guys )
A challenging field competition followed lunch where an eighteen animal target course had been laid out with greater distances than the Fletchers had shoton previous years but the Fletchers were up to the challenge even though there were lots of banter from our helpers which the Fletchers took in good part and responded with excellent repartee.
The final scores were excellent with the three top archers all being very close.
Because it was the tenth year aspecial designed arm brace was awarded to the highest scoring lady and gent.
The day was a resounding success immensely enjoyed by our members and guest

Today at Magic Dragon our Club performed really well.


Craig Bow Hunter Gold with a score of 698.

Danny Bow Hunter Silver of 584.

Brandon Cub Barebow Gold with a score of 564.

Kathy Barebow Gold with a score 604.



Very well done to you all.



Rayleigh Town Archery Club Portsmouth Tournament
15th January 2017



Steve shot his longbow at Rayleigh Town on Sunday and won a gold medal.



It was the 9th 'Spitfire' open longbow western at Leaves Green last Saturday.  They are a Kent club close to Biggin Hill and have both a Hurricane and a Spitfire shoot each year.  The Hurricane in April and the Spitfire in September.


Steve, Max, Harry and Charlie made their way across the Thames early on Saturday with the prospect of a good day's shooting.  The forecast said it would be windy, but the club's field is surrounded by high trees so the wind isn't quite such a problem.


The western round was shot under BLBS rules, which means no sighters and the results are based on hits for first place, score for second and golds coming in third.


Steve, Max and Harry won the team trophy and were photographed with it.  This was a mounted silver Spitfire.  The club said they would be keeping the trophy as it was a little bit fragile and expensive, but would get the name of the winning team's club engraved on it for 2016.




Oakwood Bowman

Today we went to Oakwood Bowman , On Sunday 7th May.


Kathy Jones - Wining Silver with a score of 794

Craig Jones - Wining Gold with a score of 926

And Ken Haynes - Wining Silver with a score of 924


Very well done to you all.



HNA Archery

On Sundy the 30th of April we went to HNA Archery


Craig Jones , winning Gold with a score of 1528.

Kathy Jones , winning Silver with a score of 1226.








Steve shot his recurve at the 180 yds men's clout at Woodford on Sunday and came second. 


The first time he has shot with a recurve since last year's Essex Clout in April.  He found muscles he didn't know he had and is still achintoday.


Noak Hill Ladies go Head to Head at Mayflower FITA 18
Sharon Lawrence, Alix Lawrence and Rhiannon Easton entered the World Record
Status Event at Billericay on Sunday 22nd January. After the 5 dozen ranking round,
the girls all finished in the top 5 which effectively put them straight through to the
quarter finals avoiding the elimination round. Sharon was ranked 2nd with an
excellent 522 points, Alix 3rd with 511 and Rhiannon 5th with 470.
The top 5 ranking meant they avoided each other in the quarter finals. Sharon’s
opponent was Lauren Bann who had qualified at the lower end of the table, but
Lauren had hit form in the elimination match and snatched a win against Sharon in the
head to head in spite of Sharon coming back to draw the 3rd and 4th sets.
Alix was pitched against Sophie Castle from Canterbury and dispatched her 6 sets to 2
including an excellent 29 score on the second set.
Rhiannon had to meet Sarah Russell from Herts who was on her target in the ranking
round and had taken 4th place above Rhiannon’s 5th and so arguably the tightest battle.
Rhiannon took the first 2 sets, but let Sarah back in to take the 3rd by 1 point and the
4th by 3 points but shot 29 in the 5th to take the match.
So Alix and Rhiannon progressed to the Medal Matches. Noak Hill spectators dared
to hope for an all Noak Hill Final – but Rhiannon took on Kayleigh Griffin from
Rayleigh and crumpled with a miss in the first set to lose 6-0 in her lowest scoring
match of the day. Alix battled Lauren Bann but narrowly lost the match, in spite of
drawing 2 sets. The result was Alix and Rhiannon had a medal match – but for
The Noak Hill duel was so close – Alix took the first set 26 to 23, then let Rhiannon
in to take the 2nd set. Alix shot 26 in the last two sets, but Rhiannon shot 28 and then
27 to just nick the bronze medal. you.

Whitefriars Bowman.

On Sunday 12th February ,We went to a field archery compertion at whitefriars Bowman.

Tony Wells , won gold for 1st place barebow,Petr Kwiczala won 3rd place barebow.

Dennis Oates won 2ed place Hunting tackle.

And Ken Haynes achived a score of over 600.



Congrats go to Andrew, one of our new joiners.


Andrew took part in a Portsmouth last weekend at the Rayleigh Junior Shoot competing in the under 16 category.


He scored a round of 483 which secured him a second place spot and not so far behind the winner, who scored 511.


Not a bad day's work for his very first competition. Well done Andrew.

Whitefriars Bowman Shoot

    Sunday 11th December.



On Sunday 11th December, Richards Green.Karen Howard,Tony Wells,

did take part in there field archery compertition.

Richard Green won Ist place ,with a score of 740,

Karen Howard also won 1st place with a score of 640.

Tony Wells won 2nd place (Barebow) with a score of 480.

Ken Haynes got a score of 500 + shooting unlimited.







Just a few words about our outing to Braintree Bowman for their Portsmouth match.


It was a great day for Noak Hill Archers when some of our club went to Braintree Bowman for their Portsmouth shoot -  and it was worth the trip.


Loads of medals all round, to start John Raffin won the gold for compound, Mark Lawrence won gold for longbow, with Steve Spragg getting the silver.


In the women's comp, Sharon Lawrence got the gold for recurve with Alix Lawrence coming second, they also came second for the family award, only beaten by compound archers.


Well done to all involved

Fletchers Day 13th May 2015


Sunshine, sunshine and yet more sunshine. What a brilliant day for the Fletchers especially as past visits have taken place in snow, rain and high winds. We are now in the 5th year that the Fletchers have attended NHA and as can be seen from the photographs their form (archery form that is) has improved dramatically.

The day started with the usual tuition followed by a competition at 2D targets and 17 3D targets in the field course.

Their archery progress is boundless with Ted winning the day with a tremendous score of 800 points closely followed by two Andrews. Scores in excess of 600 points were attained by many archers.

Well done the Fletchers keep up the good work and well done to all the NHA members that assisted on the day.

Sunday, 10 May League match against Oakfield.

Havering Youth Games 9th May 2015


Rhiannon took part in the Havering Youth Games on Saturday 9th May

shooting the Junior National round, 4 doz at 40yds & 2 doz at 30 yds.


The weather was extremely blustery making shooting quite difficult for all the young archers. Rhiannon finished 1st in her category with a score of 537 out of a max of 720.


She was also delighted to win a best gold prize and this was lots of Crunchies which we all enjoyed!


Well done

Pilgrim Archers Shoot Sunday 3rd May 2015.



Eight archers from Noak Hill took part in the Pilgrim Archers 57th Whit Shoot on Sunday 3rd May 2015.  The day started damp and windy but brightened up in the afternoon.  Noak Hill did not have sufficient archers in the Long or New Western Rounds to field a team but individually did very well with the Final positions below:



John Raffin                    4th score 662         New Western Compound

Max Room                     1st score 213         New Western Long Bow

Laurence Easton   12th score 580        Long Western Recurve

Rhiannon Easton 1st score 553          Western Recurve (JG)

Sheila Easton       2nd score 534         Western Recurve

Steve Spragg        1st score 429          Western Longbow

Charlie Barnes     2nd score 359         Western Longbow

Harry Grove         4th score 305          Western Longbow


Rhiannon decided to move up from the Junior Western (40/30) to the Western (3 distances above the round for her age). She achieved a remarkable score for her first attempt,  the second highest recurve female score of the day, beaten by a margin of less than 20 points by Dawn Toulson of West Essex. Rhiannon was awarded the trophy for the highest recurve junior girl score.


Well done to everyone.

Steve Spragg 1st western longbow

Rhiannon highest junior girl

Harry Cross Worst White !

Max 1st new western longbow

Rhiannon 1st Junior girl shooting the western

Charlie Barnes 2nd western longbow

Work continues to improve and develop the facilities we offer all members, so just wanted to share the latest developments/changes to the club for those of you who may not have seen them yet.
Kitchen area - this has now been extended so there is more space and new cupboards installed (kindly donated by Arthur).  There has been a general clean up and clear out.  So now things look so much better - we are considering offering it out as a wedding venue :-)
Thanks to Harry, Richard, Arthur, Ken and Kathy for their hard efforts.  Also thanks to Max on his work on sorting out the automatic lighting in the clubhouse
I know not everyone is always able to help out on work parties but also know you appreciate the effort of those who can to make our club that little bit better.


 Pete Wilson.

        Sunday 19th April 2015 Crystal Palace Bowmen

Rhiannon started her outdoor season campaign at Crystal Palace Bowmen shooting the
Bristol 4 for the first time in competition as she has now moved up an age group to the
Under 14 section. The weather was cold and windy (as you can see in the picture she is
wearing her hoody over her Noak Hill Shirt).
In a strong field, Rhiannon finished 4th with a score of 1111 which provided with her first
Junior Master Bowman score of the season

Congratulations to Rhiannon who did herself and the club proud at a comp held at Crystal Palace on Sunday.


Rhiannon, who turned 12 last month, has moved up a distance and took part in her first Bristol IV comp – 12 dozen arrows at distances of 40, 30 and 20 yards.


For her first time under comp conditions, she shot fantastically and recorded a score of 1111.  An amazing achievement when you consider the max score possible in 1296.  In fact it was so good that it was well over the JMB (Junior Master Bowman) score of 1050 required for girls under 14.  So, for a first attempt at the longer distance she has done remarkably well.  Congratulations Rhiannon.

"Today at Cloth of Gold"

Craig Jones got 1st place Gold with a brilliant score of 698.

Kathy Jones got 1st place Gold with a score of 568.

Both shooting Barebow.(BB)

Dennis Oates scored 532 giving him 4th place in Hunting Tackle. (HT)



Very well done to you all.



Shot of the Day ! at Cloth of Gold.



       Think i shot a bit Low !!


Work continues to improve and develop the facilities we offer all members, so just wanted to share the latest developments/changes to the club for those of you who may not have seen them yet.
Kitchen area - this has now been extended so there is more space and new cupboards installed (kindly donated by Arthur).  There has been a general clean up and clear out.  So now things look so much better - we are considering offering it out as a wedding venue :-)
Thanks to Harry, Richard, Arthur, Ken and Kathy for their hard efforts.  Also thanks to Max on his work on sorting out the automatic lighting in the clubhouse
Work party (18 April) - thanks to all the members who were able to help out today.  People went mad with chainsaws, lopping and hacking at the Leylandii at the back of the car park.  It looks a lot neater and our neighbours are chuffed too - always good to keep in with them.  Other activities included repainting the lines on the field; repairing field animals; tidying up the noticeboards etc; filling in the potholes on the drive and car park.
Thanks to all those who gave up their time and twanging;  They include: Tony W.; Den; Laurence; Sheila; Graham (Rooke); Colin; Arthur; Harry; Pete W.; Ken; Steve (Spragg); Steve (Price); Charlie Barnes; Bryan; and Graham (Sowersby).  Keith was taking the beginners otherwise he would have got stuck in too.
I hope I haven't missed anyone out and please accept my apologies if I have.
I know not everyone is always able to help out on work parties but also know you appreciate the effort of those who can to make our club that little bit better.
And finally, good luck to all those shooting tomorrow in comps especially Rhiannon who is off to Crystal Palace.


Richard Green

Richard Green ,has won the  3D Scottish Champs,

with a score of 2160.


Very well done ,from all at Noak Hill Archers !

Graham Sowersby March 22nd
Company of Sixty Shoot. 2nd place in Compound Limited with a score of 788

Very well done.

Romford Recorder Video

Avalon Archers Shoot

15th March 2015

A very challenging shoot, but good results from Noak Hill Archers!

Richard Green 1st place with 790.

Karen Howard 1st place with 492.

Craige Jones 1st place with 650.

Kathy Jones 1st place with 506.

Dennis Oates 3rd place with 532.

Ken Haynes unplaced with 538.


I think you all did very well on a difficult but challenging course.


Classification Shoot 3


Despite the inclement weather the third NHA classification shoot started with high spirits. However the high winds and excessive gusts proved too much for the participants and the scores were lower than previous shoots. Everyone enjoyed the testing classification and are eagerly awaiting thenext shoot.

Rhiannon Easton

November 2014 Junior Challenge Results
Rhiannon Easton was placed 1st in the Under 12’s Section out of 55 entries.
The junior archers shot 3 dozen arrows at 20 yds with a maximum score of 360.
Rhiannon’s score was 329 and would have placed her 12th overall in the girls of all ages up to 18 that took part.
Rhiannon will be 12 on March 16th and so she will be moving up an age group from the commencement of the summer outdoor season and so she should be encouraged by this result and we wish her every success in the coming months.
The full results can be viewed at Archery GB Website.

Whitefriars Bowmen 

Today at whitefriars, Richard Green got a 1st , 836

Craig Jones 1st, 706 

Karren Howard 1st. 776

Dennis Oates 3rd. 518

Kathy Jones, 3rd Place.430


Very well done to you all .

Avalon Archers.

Very well done to you all !

Richard Green, had a very respectable score of 720 for

FSR. - 2nd place

And Karen Howard also scored 626 for FSR - 1st place And Graham Sowersby scored 712 for XB -2nd place

New Field Tower Construction


Harry & Ken have been putting in a lot of time recently on the construction of a new field shooting tower, with a platform height of around 15ft it looks like it 

Will provide some very interesting shots!


Steps in place up to the lower platform.

with rear set up to the top of tower.

A well earnd cuppa !   and end of day 5.

Saturday, an early start to day 6

 ! Finished !

Ken and myself,    ( Tony Wells)

taking a 70 yard

   shot from the tower.

Richard Green managed to take the EFAA veterans national record for an

International round today with a score of 260.


Very well done.


Congratulations go out to Graham (Sowersby) who picked up a gold medal at an NFAS shoot held at Aurora that took place last Sunday.  He competed under NFAS rules over a 2x 18 course.


Graham was amongst over 50 people taking part.  Shooting his crossbow, he ended up with a gold-winning score of 666.

Very well done to both Richard Green & Karen Howard for taking second place

at the Scottish nationals.

                    Noak Hill Club Championships Sunday 17th August 2014


The decision was taken early in the morning to shoot outward from the indoor range due to the expected heavy rainfall.  As the event was well-attended this led to a very cosy atmosphere within the indoor facility as the details rotated with long rods performing hands knees and bumpsadaisy with various woodwork and other archers.  The majority of the archers shot the American Round as this is the traditional round for the championship because it is a very inclusive round with the majority of archers able to take part as the longest distance is 60 yards, but in addition we welcomed novice first year members and also recently passed beginners and juniors to take part at their appropriate distances.  As all the archers were in such close proximity it was an excellent opportunity for the new members to meet fellow club members.  Hopefully it was not too much of a shock!


When all 7 seven and a half dozen arrows were shot, there followed a fish and chip supper while the results were processed and then the trophies were awarded and hopefully the day was enjoyed by one and all.





Richard                      730

Laurence                      622

Peter G                        507

Tomasz                        503



Tony F                      676

Tony W                      654

Terry B                      487

Pepe                           459

Kevin                         442



Dennis                       539

Colin                          428



Keith                         369

Harry                         326



Karen                        541

Sheila                         451



Rhiannon                  462 (Under 12 Essex County Record Claim Submitted)



                              GRAYS ARCHERY CLUB OPEN WESTERN


Noak Hill was well represented at this friendly annual shoot.  With Harry and Max joining the throng of Long Bow Archers, Harry shooting the Western and Max shooting the New Western.   Laurence shot the long Western and Sheila shot the Western Recurve with Rhiannon opting to shoot an age group up on the Junior Western (Under 16s).


With Hurricane Bertha in the vicinity, it was never going to be ideal conditions for an archery competition, and six arrows in, a halt had to be called due to the extreme conditions and the proximity of lightning.  Suddenly, those who had brought tents found them full of new friends!  We were told during the lull that the clubhouse would be made available for the presentation if we survived so we could calm our nerves with a few bevvies and so we soldiered on after the short break for a dozen or so until the rain and wind hit again with the arrows yet to be scored.  When the whistle blew the archers remained in their tents until the squall subsided and so strong was the wind that a target was blown over (thankfully on its back preserving the score). 


By lunchtime, the worst of the storm seemed to be past and everyone picnicked as usual (but there were a few extra runs to the chippy for some hot food , followed by some sunshine during the afternoon.  Then the wind got up again, (due to the tide!?) but we all saw it through to the close and in the end we did not need to take refuge in the building but sat in the sun for the results. 


MAX                           2nd  score 132

HARRY                       3rd   score 291

LAURENCE                4th   score 514

SHEILA                       3rd   score 356

RHIANNON               1st    score 613



.Broadland Bowmen .

Very well done to Graham Sowsbey , for getting  3rd place with 1338 points . and 

receiving his Master Archer patch for scoring over 1328 points.

Oakwood Bowmen Shoot   11-5-2014

Noak Hill Archers, had brilliant success at Oakwood yesterday, taking 5 medals

Out of 6 participants

Richard Green FSR Gold, Karen Howard FSR Gold, Ken Hynes FSR Bronze.

Craig Jones BB Gold, Kathy Jones BB Gold.

Very well done to you all. Superb result!

EFAA Spring Championship

It was a two day event, first day was a Hunter round, second day was a marked Forester, Karen Howard came second and I ( Richard Green ) was third.

Crystal Palace Bowmen Record Status Open Tournament 

Sunday 28th April 2014




Rhiannon was the sole representative from Noak Hill Archers at this well-attended tournament for adults and juniors who filled 40 targets. There was a tricky variable wind and the rain arrived on the last 2 dozen arrows. It was an eventful day for Rhiannon, with a nock coming off her arrow in the first scoring end, resulting in a miss, followed by a very close run first six dozen with Alex Davies of Woking and Surrey where they were constantly jostling for position. The lunch break which saw Rhiannon about 18 points ahead was followed by a traumatic equipment failure at the second distance of 20 yards when her arrow rest broke and had to be replaced and the arrows remaining to be shot had to be caught up at the end of the dozen. This was the first time she had experienced anything like that and she recovered extremely well and regardless continued to score well and achieved 1191 to finish in First place ahead of Alex Davies on 1158 and Imogen Newby of Braintree Archers on 1132. Rhiannon shook off her disappointment at not shooting the 1200 score she required for her next Rose Award given all the setbacks and she will have other opportunities later in the season. All 3 archers finished with personal best scores for the Bristol 5 with achieved Junior Master Bowman standard scores.


Rhiannon Easton started her summer Outdoor Season with a win in her age group (Under 12s) at the Havering Youth Tournament on Easter Saturday. There was a tricky wind but she was able to achieve a good score of 560 for the 6-dozen Short Junior National Round.


There was a shoot-off while the results were compiled which all the juniors enjoyed and she came runner-up to Mayflower’s Grace Butterfield for the girl’s trophy.

A little write up on the County Clout. 



The County Clout is a double round consisting of a round of 3 dozen arrows shot twice at a distance of 180 yards, for the Gents and 140 yards for Ladies. Juniors shot distances according to age. The scoring area is a circle on the ground of 12 feet radius , scoring 5,4,3,2,1, the 5 ring is 18 inches in radius with a flag of 12 inches square and close to the ground, not a lot to aim at especially in the wind.

This was the GNAS Imperial round , the Metric round is in August, and being FITA , the circle is twice the size so the scores are higher, why not give it a try.

The venue was Leyton Orients Football Academy Ground in Woodford and the home of Woodford Archers. Light drizzle welcomed us to the ground but stopped before we shot an arrow. The wind was a bit tricky, swirling about, which challenged everyone. Scores all round were generally lower than on a good day.

I was the only archer from Noak Hill Archers to take part and shot barebow, managing to score 90 points, enough to secure the Gold medal but only by 4 points.  

                                                                                                            MAX ROOM


Im Sure everyone will agree an excellent result.


Very well done Max.


Liberty Archers Spring Fling, 

Noak Hill Archers, Win 5 Medals !


Gold for Richard Green ( 1st ) Gold for Karen Howard (1st )

Silver for Kathy Jones (2nd ) Silver for Dennis Oates ( 2nd )

and Bronze for Craig Jones ( 3rd )


Very well done to you all.

Well done To Richard Green & Karen Howard at Kings forest.


Richard & Karen both ended the day with the same score of 698 ,both got 8 pro kills , so credit to Karen, who shot very well,   and looks like she gave Richarda good run for his money !

              Noak Hill Archers

Club Field shoot 9th March 2014

Mark Jones, with a shot on the Lion.

Scott Jones

Our invited guests, Mark,  

    Trish, & Scott Jones

Scott Jones taking a fan shot

from the tower

Mark Jones, fan shot from tower.

Trish,with a shot on the white boar.

Essex v Cambridgeshire Longbow Double      Portsmouth 16th February 2014.

On Sunday , 16th February 2014, ten longbow archers from each county assembled at Shenfield School, Brentwood for the annual double Portsmouth match. In a contrast to previous years the weather was nearly perfect so the Cambridgeshire team made good progress to Brentwood and arrived before most of the Essex team. The first round started at 11am, and proceeded at a very fast pace for the first dozen scoring arrows, but then slowed down slightly, so the first Portsmouth was finished by 1240h. A short break was then taken and at that point Essex were ahead by about 220 points.

The second round was still completed within one hour and thirty five minutes, with some spectacularly accurate ends from both counties being achieved. A buffet was then served while the scores were collated – every score would be included in the final reckoning. When the counting was complete it showed that Essex had triumphed again and had increased their winning lead to 474 points.


Mr Stuart Sartain presented the trophy to Billy Scoltock-Pape, who produced the highest Essex score on the day. Stuart was also part of the team that sorted out the catering on the day – thanks for your help.


My thanks go to the Essex Longbow Team for a fine performance, to the Cambridgeshire team for making us work for our victory, to Mr. Alan Harding for judging the event and to Vince Loss of Burntwood Archers who helped to set up the range for the match.


The final scores were Essex combined 8268, Cambridgeshire combined 7794.

The Essex teams scores were; (hits/10's/total)



Kathryn Sartain 1st round (60/3/414) 2nd round (60/7/425) double (120/11/839)


Billy Scoltock-Pape 1st (60/3/431) , 2nd (60/4/448), double (120/7/879)


Tony Maher 1st (60/6/458), 2nd (60/5/414), double (120/11/872)


Kevin Button 1st ( 60/7/431), 2nd (60/1/432), double (120/8/ 863)


Terry Riddick 1st ( 60/8/419), 2nd (60/6/443), double (120/14/862)


Bob Riley 1st ( 59/6/440), 2nd (60/2/420), double (119/8/860)


Max Room 1st ( 60/5/441), 2nd (60/8/417), double (120/13/858)


Eric Mallett 1st ( 60/4/413), 2nd ( 60/3/410), double (120/7/823)


Mick Wollaston 1st ( 58/6/363), 2nd ( 58/2/345), double (116/8/708)


Eddie Tompkins 1st ( 59/2/356), 2nd (58/6/348) , double (117/6/704)


The highest score on the day was 973, James Bridges (Cambs). Peter Walker



Noak Hill Archers,Won 5 Medals at Whitefriars today !


Richard Green, Gold - FSR

Karen Howard,  Gold –FSR

Ken Haynes, Bronze – FSR

Craig Jones, Gold – BB

Kathy Jones, Silver – BB


Very well done to you all .


Max & Harry

The Clacton shoot was on the 12 January and Harry and myself shot it as a Double Portsmouth .


I scored the highest overall score 438 for the trophy. Harry got 3rd place , Bronze on the first session.


 Essex County Target Championships

  Selection of photos from the Essex open over the week end of 7th-8th June 2014

Noak Hill Archers Western

Lots of hard work from Harry &      Ken ,setting up for Saturday

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